Best Electric Toothbrush

November 2021

What’s Included with The Best Electric Toothbrush

Each rechargeable electric toothbrush comes with a toothbrush unit, one or more affix-able heads, and a base to perform the conductive charging. The higher-end models sometimes include a USB charging option for frequent travelers. A convenient travel case is provided to ensure the toothbrush stays hygienic.

Depending on the toothbrush brand, there are replaceable heads that snap on with different designs (standard toothbrush rectangular head, circular head, etc.) included in the package. An oral care guide is usually provided in the box too.

What to Know Before Making a Purchase

For most consumers, they’re choosing between 2-3 major brands in the marketplace. Up to 6 times more plaque gets removed with an electric toothbrush, and less decay is found following prolonged use. More advanced models from the major brands tend to offer improved cleaning heads and multiple cleaning modes (clean, polish, sensitive, gum care and white.)

Some models come with a smart timer feature that times the use to ensure people brush their teeth for longer enough to get the most benefit from it. Ergonomic handle designs make it easier to grip the toothbrush during its operation. Does the unit have a battery charger LED indicator letting the user know when it is time to recharge? Battery life is up to two weeks for individual users.

Other Considerations

The curved bristle heads can reach different parts of the teeth and gums than a flat surface brush. Whether choosing to use a circular bristle head or a more rectangular one, look for heads that have uneven surfaces for a better overall teeth cleaning experience.

Best Brands

  • Phillips makes their SoniCare electric toothbrush range. The company has been involved with these products for decades now.
  • OralB is a brand that is synonymous with oral care or oral hygiene. Part of the P & G Group of companies, it makes sense that they have a fully electric toothbrush line, to complement their other products. They also have battery-powered toothbrushes for times when a power supply isn’t readily available.

What Consumers Say

Taking a look at consumers’ reviews, these are a few of the opinions most often voiced by buyers:

  • Smaller brush heads: People with smaller mouths prefer the small, circular brush heads. Individuals who can accommodate a larger brush head usually prefer this option.
  • Drop-able: Electric toothbrushes have little protection from accidental drops. The toothbrush slipping in the sink is probably okay, but should it fall to the floor; this will cause severe damage.
  • Replacement Heads: The heads should get replaced either every three months or when the bristles are starting to bend and be less effective. There non-branded compatible alternative heads, but the quality is usually suspect.
  • Hard bristles: Some of the supplied default brush heads feature hard bristles. For anyone who finds they use soft bristle toothbrushes, there are replacement heads available with softer bristles to protect the gums more.
  • Waterproof: The toothbrush is sealed and waterproof. Units that use replaceable batteries are also waterproof after the battery flap is closed properly.
  • Pulsing handle: Some models have a timer that pulses every half minute to let the user know to move the head to a different part of the mouth. For anyone whose dentist tells them that they’re not brushing their teeth properly, these models are a good choice.
  • Pressure sensors: Advanced models feature sensors that stop pulsing to indicate the user is pushing down too hard when brushing.
  • Noise: Electric toothbrushes are noisier than first-time users would probably expect.

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