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The absolute joy of a new baby in the family is undeniable. Although you are ready for lots of sleepless nights it doesn’t matter as it is such a little miracle you have in your home. However, once you have your baby home thoughts and plans quickly turn to safety. One of the must-have pieces of equipment is a baby monitor. Not only will this give you peace of mind but it will also allow you to hear and even see your infant when you are not in the same room and of course if there IS anything that you need to check on you can be there instantly.

The other great thing is that baby monitors have come way down in price from when they first arrived on the market and now you can pick up a baby monitor with all of the features that you need and it will not cost the earth.

Angelcare AC401 Baby Movement Monitor, with Sound
  • Under the mattress sensor pad monitors your baby's movements.This system operates on the 927 frequency band
  • Full colour digital LCD screens with room temperature display
  • Audio tic feature to reassure you while baby is sleeping silently
  • Nursery night light and sound activated LED lights for added care
  • Low battery indicator and out of range alarm for peace of mind

Picking a good baby monitor can be tricky, there are a lot of different features to pick from and you need to make sure that you pick one up that will keep your baby safe and that is reliable, also making sure that it suits you personally too.

This is where we come in. At Consumer Essentials we are dedicated to not just giving you reviews or products but also comparing the products using the features, the price and also the customer opinion that we have researched across the web. The end result is that you end up with the very best baby monitor at the best price.


Angelcare AC401 Baby Monitor

By Angelcare 1079 reviews

BT Digital Audio Baby Monitor 400

By Nimans – stock account 96 reviews

GHB Video Baby Monitor with Camera

By gohappybuy 152 reviews

HelloBaby HB24 Wireless Video Baby Monitor & Camera

By HelloBaby 119 reviews

BW Wireless Digital Baby Monitor & Camera

By BW Corp 50 reviews

Buyers Guide

Angelcare AC401 Movement and Sound Baby Monitor

Being a new parent is an incredibly exciting and proud time. You will be brimming with happiness and joy and eager to show off your progeny to anyone who will listen. But it’s also a scary and paranoid time, as you worry about them constantly.

A good baby monitor can put your mind at rest and allow you to live a normal life while your baby snoozes. But how does the Angelcare measure up?


The Angelcare AC401 is a baby monitor that can measure both sound and movement. It is placed underneath the mattress, where it will pick up vibrations.

Added features include a sound activated LED light that can help to ease baby off to sleep. There’s also a low battery indicator.

At the other end, there is a full-colour digital LCD screen, which also shows the room temperature.

Pros and Cons

This is a highly well-designed baby monitor with many well-thought-out features. A low battery indicator, for instance, is incredibly important for such devices, as you need to know whether the monitor has stopped making noise because the battery is out, or because you have something to worry about.

One downside is that the movement sensor won’t work with all mattresses, including hollow core mattresses or those that use memory foam.


While this sensor won’t work in every single scenario, it is on the whole one of the most feature-rich and thoughtfully designed products on the market. A Godsend for parents!

Angelcare AC401 Baby Movement Monitor, with Sound
  • Under the mattress sensor pad monitors your baby's movements.This system operates on the 927 frequency band
  • Full colour digital LCD screens with room temperature display
  • Audio tic feature to reassure you while baby is sleeping silently
  • Nursery night light and sound activated LED lights for added care
  • Low battery indicator and out of range alarm for peace of mind

BT Digital Audio Baby Monitor 400

When you purchase a baby monitor, you are placing the safety of your child in the hands of technology. A baby monitor gives us peace of mind that our baby is happy sleeping and that we don’t need to rush in to check on them every other minute.

If the monitor isn’t reliable though, then we might not realize that our child needs us. This is an incredibly important purchase, so how does the BT Digital Audio Baby Monitor measure up?


The BT Digital Audio Baby Monitor is a monitor from a well-known brand (BT), which should right away help to put your mind somewhat at ease – as opposed to buying from an unknown manufacturer.

The device offers ‘interference digital HD sound’ for a crystal clear reception, as well as sound sensitive LEDs to provide you with a visual alert. It also has a long range of up to 40m.

Pros and Cons

One of the things that users like most about this baby monitor, is the excellent sound quality. This ensures you can hear any sounds that your baby is making and get a good picture of what is going on in the room.

Unfortunately, though, the device is far from perfect. Many users complain that the battery doesn’t last well for instance.


If you want a reliable baby monitor, then choosing one from BT Is a great move. What’s more is that having an LED indicator ensures you’ll always know that it’s working.

BT Digital Audio Baby Monitor 400
  • Interference free digital hd sound
  • Sound sensitive leds - for visual alert
  • The batteries are charged in the Parent unit
  • Long range of up to up to 50m indoors and 300m outdoors so you don't miss a sound
  • Comes with BT 2-year manufacturer's warranty

GHB Baby Monitor Video Baby Monitor With Camera Wireless

Using a baby monitor is a great idea for parents that want that extra assurance that all is well in their baby’s room. Have you ever been listening to your monitor and found that it’s just a little too quiet? Of course, that probably means your baby is sleeping soundly, but it’s not hard for our brains to start playing tricks on us.

Having a video can make a big difference. So is the GHB Baby Monitor a good investment for those more anxious parents?


The GHB Baby Monitor is a well-made device that looks attractive and is easy to operate. It has a large, full-color screen and makes it easy for parents to check in on their children. Of course, this also means that the camera comes with infrared.

But it also comes with a vast range of additional features. These include 2-way communication – meaning that you can speak to your baby to help soothe them. Temperature monitoring meanwhile enables you to ensure the room is just the right temperature for them. Lullaby features and more add to the package.

Pros and Cons

This is a beautifully made product with a wide range of useful features for parents that can help put their minds at rest and keep their children safer.

The only possible downside is that having a camera will drain the battery faster and it can lead you to end up checking even more frequently.

GHB Baby Monitor Video Baby Monitor with Camera Wireless Baby Monitor Baby Lullaby Night Vision Temperature Monitoring 2 Way Talk
  • 2.4GHz Wireless Technology: This baby monitor gives you great peace of mind when your little ones are asleep upstairs and you are downstairs
  • Night Vision Infrared: Perfect for anytime use, enable you to keep eye on your baby all night in your bedroom, no need to go to the baby's room
  • 2-Way Communication: If baby seems a little agitated you can speak some soothing words and put your baby at ease
  • Temperature Monitoring: You can check what the temp is in the babies bedroom, which helps you to ensure your baby stay in comfort and safe environment
  • Lullaby Function: You can also use your video baby monitors to play soothing baby lullabies which are built into the baby monitors

HelloBaby HB24 Wireless Video Baby Monitor

This HelloBaby monitor is among the most feature packed and advanced ways to keep an eye on your baby. It is great for ensuring Mum and Dad get peace of mind and its wealth of features will be useful in a wide range of different scenarios.


This product has all the features that you could likely want from a baby monitor. This includes:

  • Infrared camera
  • Night vision
  • Two way talk – so that you can soothe your baby from afar
  • Soothing music
  • Impressive 2.4” screen
  • Pan and tilt to get a better view as your baby moves
  • 2X digital zoom

Pros and Cons

All these features can come in handy for parents and you might find that some of them are game-changing. Many parents dismiss the idea of a lullaby function until they actually try it. The ability to soothe your baby from afar without having to get up can make a huge difference and it’s something you should definitely consider.


In conclusion, this product has everything you could want from a baby monitor apart from one high-end feature: a heart rate monitor. Seeing as this is an option that many people don’t approve of though, that makes this model the perfect storm of features and build quality for a wide variety of users.

HelloBaby HB24 Video Baby Monitor Wireless with Night Vision 2.4 inch Digital Screen/Smart Camera with Temperature Monitors UK Plug (White)
  • Two way talk:talk with baby who is near the camera whenever parents need.Two way audio between the camera and monitor, you can talk back to baby.
  • Infrared night vision:night vision lamps help parents to see baby clearly in the night.
  • 2.4G wireless digital encryption transmission: Do not need wire to transmit data over maximum 300m(984ft), easy to deploy.
  • Baby soothing music:Play music(maximum 8 pieces) to sooth baby.Built-in lullabies may help the parent comfort the baby fall into a sleep.
  • Impressive Features: 2.4 Inch screen;VOX mode;No signal alarming;Low battery alarming;Temperature monitoring and warning; Two-way talk; Optical pan and tilt; Sound activated Led indicator; Screen-off audio only mode; 2X digital zoom;8 lullabies;1 to 4camera

BW New 2.0 Inch Wireless Digital Baby Monitor

A baby monitor doesn’t have to mean simply listening out for noise, it can also mean looking in on your baby to check how they’re doing. Video monitors are becoming more and more popular these days for these reasons and many parents now rely on the cameras to get peace of mind.

This BW product is just such a monitor and it also comes with a host of other features, so read on to learn more.


The BW camera comes with a lot of features that you might find in other similar products. These include an alarm function, temperature monitoring, a talk function, built-in lullabies and more.

Many parents are surprised at just how useful the lullaby feature can be in particular, giving them a way to soothe their children from another room. Many babies are mesmerized by these displays!

The camera is powerful too and benefits from a strong signal. It also comes with a music player and a large 2” LCD screen.

Pros & Cons

With so many features, this monitor makes it easier than ever for parents to check in on their sleeping children. The only potential missing feature is a heart rate monitor, but this is something that many parents say they don’t want as it can cause additional panic.


In short, this is one of our top picks for the most advanced and impressive baby monitors and one of the products that can make the most difference to your life by allowing you to leave the room and know your baby is safe. And you know what else? Many parents find that they feel soothed simply by seeing their child!

BW New 2.0 inch Wireless Digital Baby Monitor Camera Audio Video Security Baby Monitor with 8 LED Night Vision, 2 Way Talk, Temperature Monitoring Built-in Lullabies
  • - With alarm function and temperature monitoring.
  • - Secure, interference-free, long range digital signal.
  • - With talk function and music player, built-in lullabies.
  • - Multiple languages support (English/French/Spanish/Italian/German).
  • - This new 2.0" inch LCD color baby monitor is an amazing product for all parents or nannies to monitor their babies.

Different Types Of Baby Monitors

We will now run through the different types of baby monitor that you can buy and then we will give you a closer look at our top two choices from the products above. Looking at the features of a baby monitor and the functions the important thing is to remember what it is there for and that is, essentially, to offer peace of mind. Of course, the first few weeks with your new baby are the most anxious and you don’t really need a baby monitor due to the fact that you hardly leave their side. After you start to get used to having a baby in the home a good baby monitor is essential and it means you get more time to relax!

The 3 main features of a baby monitor are:

Audio Baby Monitors

If you are looking to save the most money but you also want to keep your baby safe, the entry level monitor is an audio monitor. These models will give you basic features and allow you to adjust the volume. We recommend that if you are going for an audio monitor it gives you clear sound and also has flashing lights that will alert you when your baby is crying. Other features that are extras but well worth looking for are two way audio and extra units that you will be able to set up around the home so you are not limited to one room. The only other thing that you have to be aware of is that sometimes the frequency of an audio monitor can interfere with other gadgets around the house like mobile phones etc…

Video Baby Monitors

If you want the best then you should have a look at a good video baby monitor. These will allow you to see what is going on at a glance and obviously, you will want to make sure you get a clear view so it is worth picking up one with a larger monitor.

These also use DECT technology to reduce interference of the signal and you can get extras such as night vision and even monitors that sing lullabies.

We recommend then when you are picking a video baby monitor you go for the night vision feature and also take a look at the size of the screen – you will want to go for LCD as oppose to TFT – it just gives you a bit of a quality boost and make sure that the signal is very good on the one you choose.

Motion Detector Baby Monitor

Right at the top of the pack is a motion detector baby monitor and this gives you the best peace of mind – it will detect movement continuously and then let you know if there has been no movement for a while. You should know that this feature does not prevent sudden death syndrome but it can help of course with being able to be there as quickly as possible if you need to check on your baby.

This gives you as much control as you are going to get when you are not in the same room however you will get lots of false alarms with this version. You will also be able to see in most cases that this feature is added on to the most expensive units so it is well worth keeping an eye out for.

App Compatible

This is a fairly new feature and not an absolute necessity but it is possible to find some baby monitors that can be controlled via an app, this is great for being able to control the monitor on the fly but in our opinion we think it is best to double check you are actually making the changes you choose. However, it is an extra worth bearing in mind.

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