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When it comes to keeping fit or improving your lifestyle one of the key areas is consistency. It can be hard work to build up the discipline needed to lose weight, build muscle or even just improve your general well-being. Fortunately, there are many tools that can help with this and one of the best is an activity tracker.

These fitness aids will allow you to see exactly how close you are to meeting your fitness goals every day. They range from a basic activity tracker that will be great if you just want to measure the number of steps you are taking, all the way to a more advanced tracker that will allow you to set personal goals, challenges and even connect online and see all of your data.

Here at ConsumerEssentials, we are here to help you find the perfect activity tracker, we have compiled the top activity trackers in terms of features and price. We have also analysed the consumer feedback across the web for each product so you are able to make a more informed buying decision.

That way you know you will be getting an activity tracker that will meet your needs, help you reach your fitness goals and also allow you to grab the best deal available.


Mpow Fitness Activity Tracker

By Mpow 756 reviews

Letscom Fitness Activity Tracker

By LETSCOM 268 reviews

Yamay Fitness Activity Tracker

By YAMAY 64 reviews

Fitbit Alta HR Activity Tracker

By FITET|#Fitbit 344 reviews

Delvfire Fitness Tracker

By Delvfire 149 reviews

Buyers Guide

Mpow Activity Tracker

This MPow fitness tracker offers incredible value with a ton of useful features. For those looking for an alternative to the Fitbits and the Garmins of the world, this is a fantastic option that is significantly more affordable.


Many of the more basic fitness trackers will lack advanced features like heart rate monitoring. However, this device will measure your all-day heartrate using the same sensor as more premium options as well as tracking the usual activities such as steps taken, activity performance and more.

What’s more, is that this device will also operate as a smartwatch to some degree. That means it can display your SMS messages and your calls and even notifications from WhatsApp and Twitter. It also has a camera remote feature!

Pros and Cons

The big pro for this device is undoubtedly the sheer amount of features that it manages to pack in despite being from a lesser-known brand. Getting a heart rate monitor is impressive enough but when you combine this with smartwatch features, this is a very compelling option indeed. A single charge will last the phone for 5-7 days and it recharges in just one hour!

The only potential downside is that the app VeryFit lacks the broad ecosystem and community of more popular trackers.


Overall, this is a brilliant fitness tracker in terms of what you are getting and it really does show that it pays to look outside of those well-known brands.

Letscom Fitness Tracker Watch With Heart Rate Monitor

Letscom is a lesser known brand in the fitness tracker space. But while this may be true, you shouldn’t rule this band out just yet. In fact, more and more small brands are demonstrating that they have what it takes to compete with the big fish and in many cases they actually manufacture the most compelling options for counting steps, measuring calories and monitoring heart rate.


This particular tracker comes with a range of different features and sensors, including heart rate, pedometer and more. It will measure your sleep, your calories burned, active minutes and more for you to track and improve upon.

Better yet, it also has smartwatch features from reminders, to calls and SMS and much more.

Pros and Cons

What’s more, is that the band looks the part too. It has a design very reminiscent of the cheaper Fitbit models, right down to the inclusion of a genuine OLED display. What’s also nice is that it comes in a variety of different colors for you to choose from.

There are few downsides with this model. One potential drawback is that going with a lesser-known brand means you won’t benefit from the same apps ecosystem or the same vibrant community.


Overall, this is an excellent choice of fitness tracker. It has a bright, beautiful display, all the sensors and tracking features you would be likely to need, smartphone features and more. Fit-who?

Yamay Fitness Tracker Watch

A fitness tracker has the potential to help you improve your life in a profound way. By counting your steps, your heart rate and your active minutes, you can set goals for yourself in order to keep getting faster, stronger, healthier and more energetic.

They say that ‘that which is measured, improves’. So can the Yamay do the measuring to help those improvements?


The Yamay fitness tracker has a lot of impressive features. This comes with a heart rate monitor for instance, as well as pedometer, activity tracking and more. It can monitor your sleep too and the battery life will last an impressive 5-7 days with a full charge only taking 5-7 hours.

What pus this above some of the competition is that it is also waterproof. That means that you can take it for a swim, or just leave it on in the shower. This latter point is surprisingly useful!

You’ll also be able to get smartphone features from this device. That means it can help you to pick up your SMS messages and notifications from the likes of Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and more.

Pros and Cons

This device comes with a vast range of features and is shockingly capable – especially when you throw in those fitness tracking capabilities too.

There is very little negative to say about it meanwhile. The colour options are limited and the build quality is not as high as some of the company’s competition. But if you can see past that, then you will have an excellent fitness tracker on your hands. Or rather on your wrist!

FitBit Alta HR Fitness Wristband

Fitbit is the leading brand when it comes to fitness trackers and its products are enjoyed the world over by many people looking to get into better shape and maybe increase their general health too.

The FitBit Alta HR is one of the company’s entry-level options, but don’t be fooled: it is still highly powerful and has a lot of what people have come to love about Fitbit.


This device comes in a variety of colors and can easily be swapped between different straps. It has a beautiful build quality in general and is light and comfy to wear. The device offers heart rate monitoring, fitness tracking, sleep monitoring, step counting, calorie counting, the activity detection and more.

Pros and Cons

This device is a great gateway into the world of FitBit trackers and that’s a very good thing. FitBit’s app is one of the best health tracking apps on the market and is supported by lots of great social features and integration with many third-party apps.

The watch also boasts some of the best activity autodetection, which is something that FitBit has also always done well. Likewise, the sleep tracking is among the most useful and interesting of any device out there.

The only real downsides include the sometimes unresponsive screen and the lack of any real smartwatch functionality.


Overall, this is a device with the polish and sheen of any FitBit and a great entry point into the ecosystem.

Delvfire Fitness Tracker Watch

The Delvfire is a fitness tracker that once again comes from a somewhat lesser-known brand. This is a watch that will monitor your calories, your steps are taken, your sleep, your activity levels and much more. But how does it sack up against the competition?


The Delvfire Fitness Tracker watch comes in three colors and has a nice design that is highly reminiscent of a Fitbit Alta. It also offers many of the same features, boasting step counting, activity tracking, movement reminders, calorie counting and more.

It also comes with impressive smartwatch capabilities, being able to show users their notifications and even help you find it when it gets lost! The battery lasts an impressive 5-7 days and takes just over an hour to charge to full.

Pros and Cons

That said, the device does lack some of the more advanced features of modern Altas. There is no heart rate monitor for instance and the device is also not rated as water resistant. This latter factor, of course, means that you can’t take it with you for a dip in the pool and have it track your laps or your heart rate.


For those looking for a FitBit-style device, the Delvfire Fitness Tracker watch is a good option. Just recognize that you won’t be getting all the same features as FitBit’s best right now and that includes no heart rate monitoring!

What To Look For In An Activity Tracker?

If you are looking for a good activity tracker it can be a little tricky. The ‘fitness tech’ market is absolutely jam-packed with activity trackers, GPS watches heart rate monitors and more. The problem is that with so many features promised and so many to choose from picking one that will suit YOU and your needs can be hard work.

This is where we come in. We have written a buying guide for activity trackers so you can see what we suggest are the main features you should be looking for in one of these gadgets.

Be sure to read the guide below as we explain the must-have features when you are buying an activity tracker.

Activity and Sleep Functions

The first thing that you should make sure your activity tracker includes is all of the features specific to what you will be using it for. A good activity tracker’s main job is to give you a complete picture of your health and give you the ability to set goals and then use the tool to achieve them.

However, we recommend having a think about HOW active you want the tracker to be, you can go the whole hog and get an activity tracker that will include a heart rate monitor and also a sleep tracker like our top choice or if you are just beginning you may opt for an activity tracker with the basic features of measuring your steps.

The latter you could use just for workouts and then get a more advanced tracker when you are ready.

So, before you start looking at activity trackers think about what level of tracking you need as if you go for one with lots of features it may have functions that you don’t use if you are just casual. On the flipside of that if you need a professional activity tracker you need to make sure you get the heart rate monitor and the sleep tracker.


After you have considered the features you need the display is a good thing to consider next. With activity trackers, you will find some with large LED displays and others with smaller displays. Neither one is worse in terms of function but it is all about picking one that suits you. We recommend going for a larger display like our top choice that you will be able to view and easily see how much activity you have done and also how much you need to do to meet your goals.

For the design and a large display, we like the Polar Loop.

Online Connectivity

If you are going to be using an activity tracker for your workout you need to make sure it has online connectivity. Most do, but it is definitely worth making sure, as you will be recording a lot of stats and building up a lot of information you need to make sure that you can record all of the stats. The great thing about having an online member’s area or ‘hub’ that you can log into is that you will be able to see all of your activity data at a glance.

This data will, of course, become more valuable overtime so you get an overall picture of your health and meeting your fitness goals.

So double check to make sure any activity tracker has an online ‘hub’ or member’s area. You can also find some that allow you to share your stats socially and even set yourself and your friend’s challenges so this is a consideration too.

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